Never Worry About Shaving Irritation Again

RAZOR RELIEF. We shave our face every day, usually without realizing the irritation it causes on our skin

L'Homme Cedrat After Shave Gel Cream 75ml

This is where after-shave products come in, like the new L’Occitane L’Homme Cologne Cédrat Gel-Cream After-Shave that doesn’t only help moisturize and soothe the skin but also smells great. The gel, by the way, contains a myriad of ingredients such as bisabolol, sunflower oil, glycerin and birch sap extract, which help reduce irritation and skin tightness caused by shaving. Finally, the zesty and aquatic notes infused in the L’Homme Cologne Cédrat will leave a fresh scent on your skin while its gel texture absorbs remarkably quick without leaving an oily finish.