Music: Flying Syrup

OFF TO A FLYING START. Rock band Flying Syrup employs British musicality to create an album all about running away


From Left: Beni (keyboard, synthesizers and backing vocals), Bruce (rhythm guitar and lead vocals) and Aan (bass and backing vocals)

After sticking together for over a decade, Flying Syrup finally released its muchanticipated eponymous debut album earlier this year with opening single “Out of My Mind.” Consisting of French and Indonesian members, the band has journeyed far from being a cover band that plays British pop and rock songs to where it stands today. The band’s frontman Bruce Nicolas talks honestly about the band’s musical identity and faith that good music will prevail.

What does “Flying Syrup” actually mean?
It had no real meaning in the beginning (laughs). But one day there was a guest from London who was listening to our show who came up to me and said, “I like the name of your band. Because I know exactly what it means!” Then he told me that in British slang, syrup actually means wig. It makes complete sense, I thought, the wig flies because we always play so loud! I’ve told this story ever since.

How would you describe your music?
Our concept is a mix between British rock and British pop. Previously, as a cover band we played songs from all kinds of British pop bands, from The Beatles, all the way to Coldplay, Keane and Kaiser Chiefs basically everything we like. So when we wrote our debut album, we decided to stick with the British rock-pop formula we were familiar with. As a result, the album sounds like a balance of Oasis, Coldplay and Sting.


Bruce Nicolas on stage


The band’s self-titled album

What about the lyrics?
The album is essentially all about running away. I always imagine people playing it in a car when they are trying to run from something. That is why most of the songs in the album are about breakups. But there is one titled “Crazy” that is about everyday corporate life and how frustrating it can be.


“Flying Syrup is always going to play good music, and we hope people who love good music will love what we do”


With numerous bands competing in the industry, how do you distinguish yourselves?
We believe that good music will prevail. We also believe in the power of melodies, which means that we favour these above overly complicated instrumentation. We don’t use sophisticated marketing tactics to project a false image of ourselves for the sake of achieving commercial success. Flying Syrup is always going to play good music, and we hope people who love good music will love what we do.