Museum Macan Launches its #MuseumFromHome Initiative

In these difficult times, more and more institutions close their doors to the public. Luckily, just as many venues have now opened their virtual doors for the world.

Museum Macan launched its #MuseumFromHome pushwith a series of digital initiatives to share its program with audiences online. This initiative allows the global community to engage with art and creativity from the comfort of their own home. Joining the global #MuseumfromHome movement, Museum MACAN invites virtual visitors inside its extensive collection of ongoing exhibitions, namely “Melati Suryodarmo: Why Let the Chicken Run?” and “Julien Rosefeldt: Manifesto.”

“Our program is responsive to the broader social situation. We understand that our home country Indonesia is very broad and diverse, with different levels of connectivity in different areas, provinces and islands. With that in mind, we are working hard to deliver content that can be accessed and downloaded easily, while prioritizing creativity and inspirations for parents, caretakers and professionals working from home, and children learning from home,” said Aaron Seeto, Director of Museum Macan.

Highlights of the virtual museum include:

  1. Explore the MACAN Collection online, with modern and contemporary art collections by over 800 Indonesian and international works. A weekly online series on Instagram at @museummacan will feature highlights from the collections accompanied by an audio guide by the MACAN Curatorial team.
  2. Virtual Walkhroughs of the “Melati Suryodarmo: Why Let the Chicken Run?” and “Julien Rosefeldt: Manifesto” through Museum Macan’s IGTV and YouTube channels. The videos will be accompanied by interviews and artwork highlights from the museum’s team.
  3. MACAN A to Z, an hour-long flagship program at Museum MACAM to bring together art professionals to discus “Art 101s” through live discussion on the museum’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Available only in Bahasa Indonesia.
  4. Artist Q&A with Melati Suryodarmo where the artist answers questions from the museum’s followers on MACAN’s Instagram Stories.
  5. MACAN Activites at Home, where you can visit the museum’s website for a compilation of free printable and downloadable activities for children to do at home.
  6. Make your Own Manifesto, which allows audience to create their own manifestos on Instagram Stories using templates designed by the museum’s education team, derived from Julien Rosefeldt: Manifesto”
  7. Shop at home with Shop at MACAN, with free shipping and other special promotions at the Museum’s official gift shop,

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