Multiple Brands Reconfigure Their Logos due to the Coronavirus Crisis

The World Health Organization (WHO) already stated that one of the key strategies to slow the spread of COVID-19 is through social distancing. Essentially, this means reducing non-essential contact with others while maintaining a distance of around two meters, as a minimum, from other people, as an effort to lower the risk of contracting the illness.

Uniquely, it’s not just people that are social distancing, multiple brands are doing it, too, in order to raise awareness. Case in point: Volkswagen, the German automotive manufacturer, increased the gap between the V and the W in its flat logo in a short video, with the logo was above the words “Thanks for keeping your distance.”

Another German automobile manufacturer, Audi—which is also a member of the Volkswagen Group, also separated its four rings for a social media post alongside a message that read “stay at home, keep your distance, stay healthy, support each other—we are in this together.” Whereas in Brazil, McDonald’s pulled apart its iconic golden arches in a picture posted to its Facebook page.

Nike, on the other hand, opted for a simple message rather than altering its logo. As one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of sports footwear, apparel and accessories in the world, the brand has launched a new campaign on social media asking people to stay inside and practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

All in all, as our current global situation is no joke, the creativity and thought that goes into wanting to help, raise awareness, educate, and be part of the physical distancing movement—even with a simple twist in a logo—is definitely a worthy note.


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