Multi-Solution Eye Gel by Olay Men Solutions

Big problems don’t always require big solutions. Olay proves it by introducing a small tube of Multi-Solution Eye Gel that can eliminate problems such as baggy or dark circles under the eyes.

The eyes have it

For decades, Olay has been one of the most trusted women’s beauty product companies in the world and now they have tackled a new challenge: Men’s thicker, coarser and oilier skin. Olay Men Solutions is specifically designed to battle through these obstacles.

So far, it’s been getting positive responses globally; when it was first launched in Jakarta during the Indonesia International Motor Show in July, Olay Men Solutions drew as much attention as the concept cars and sultry salesgirls.

Recently, Olay Men Solutions decided to welcome a new member to the range, the Multi-Solution Eye Gel. Made from ginseng essence, pro-vitamin B5 and cucumber extracts, the light gel works effectively in reducing dark circles and energizing the eye area.