Mr Doodle Takes Over FENDI ROMA’s Rooftop

London-based artist Sam Cox, also known as Mr. Doodle, becomes the latest artist to takeover FENDI ROMA’s HQ rooftop in Fendi’s rooftop performance series.

Mr. Doodle is the fourth collaborator after having worked with Pokras Lampas, the 6 artists of “The Ring of The Future”, and the Roman collective “GraFFiti” performance in its previous rooftop takeovers.

Sam Cox or Mr. Doodle is a 25-year-old London artist known for his unique style of drawing doodles often in black and white, featuring a wide range of characters, concepts, and linework. He doodles on a variety of media that he can get his hands on, ranging from clothes, walls, and even FENDI’s HQ in Roma.

In his Fendi rooftop takeover, Mr. Doodle used pens to create giant mirrored letters that spells out FENDIROMA and FF—the iconic FENDI double F. The process of doodling and designing character by character as well as connecting all the drawings together in a pattern of black and yellow tones took two days to finish.

You can watch the full movie that highlights Mr. Doodle’s FENDI ROMA HQ’s rooftop takeover here