Movie Review: Jack Reacher

Having starred in 17 novels, Jack Reacher is already quite well-known to devoted fans of British author Lee Child’s action antihero, but millions more will be introduced to the character via this upcoming Tom Cruise vehicle.

Jack Reacher, an adaptation of the novel One Shot, has Cruise playing the ex-military police officer turned vigilante drifter. Some fans of the books complain that Cruise is not a good match for the character, given that, in the novels, teacher is a 6-foot-five brawny giant, whereas Cruise’s physique is, let’s say, somewhat different. But author Child endorsed Cruise, saying the superstar has the goods to embody the rogue hero on the big screen. In the film, Reacher gets caught up in the investigation of a shooting rampage, and, judging from the trailer, must use his ability to engage in high-speed car chases and make pithy one-liners in order to get to the truth.

[youtube lvQzb1YMdtY 600 338]