Movie News: Elysium

UTOPIA DISTURBIA. Written and directed by Neill Blomkamp who garnered an Oscar nomination for his work “District 9,” Elysium emerges as another sci-fi piece that highlights social malfunction and class issues of future humanity.

The term Elysium refers to a man-made utopia located in the Earth’s orbit where war, crime, disease and hunger are non-existent. Being overly protective over their own turf, the denizens who live in a technologically wealthy bonanza — which will serve our eyes and imagination a feast – destroy every ship that comes close to them. A conflict arises when Max DeCosta (played by Matt Damon) is diagnosed with terminal cancer and attempts to enter Elysium to be cured. He is later confronted by Elysium’s secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster) as he endeavors to save his life and enforces equality between the overpopulated Earth and the utopia.

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