10 Most Stylish Footballers

In the spirit of 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, we can’t help look up to these athletes who possess extraordinary sportsmanship—and fashion sense.

Sure, we keep track of their personal scores, team ranking, and awards, but we also (secretly) stalk their styles. And we are not talking about stylized looks from their innumerable magazine and ad campaign appearances. We are talking about real personal styles as proven by real pictures.

Here is DAMAN’s 10 Most Stylish Footballers. As casual, candid, and real as it gets.

Best in Conventional Dressing

Lionel Messi
FC Barcelona

Lionel’s style is safe—but always on point. A perfect example is this slim fit navy blue suit he wore at a press conference, paired with a pair of pristine white sneakers.

The Luxury Brand Patron

Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid C.F.

Aside from luxury cars, Cristiano seemingly has an endless supply of the latest and most expensive designer clothes and accessories. What we would give to own even half of his wardrobe!

Best in Overbranding

Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

Neymar loves fancy things . And this is evident in his style. It’s always about flashy, wear-in-one-look many luxury menswear brands. That’s why he is easily in our 10 Most Stylish Footballers list.

Best in Denim

Luis Suárez
FC Barcelona

Luis knows that denim is forever. This sleeveless denim jacket with a hoodie is exactly what we need in our closet now.

Street Style King

Paul Pogba
Manchester United F.C.

Is it Kanye? Is it Drake? No, it’s Paul Pogba. His relaxed, elevated athleisure is always lit. To not include him in the 10 Most Stylish Footballers is a grave offence.

Best Hair

Gareth Bale
Real Madrid 

Whether it’s neatly combed (as seen below) or pushed back with a headband or tied (Google it), Gareth’s hair game is a winner. The envy of many!

Most Likely To Be Mistaken For A Student

Antoine Griezmann
Atlético Madrid 

This young football player is French. His style is fun, modern, and effortlessly cool. He belongs in our 10 Most Stylish Footballers list or any list for that matter!

Best in Colored Suit

Hidetoshi Nakata
Japan National Football Team

Former DAMAN cover star Hidetoshi Nakata may like black a little too much, but there’s no denying he rocks this look 100%. He even went sockless!

Best in Tonal Dressing

Sergio Ramos
Real Madrid

Sergio a master of dressing up and dressing down. Enough said.

Style Chameleon

David Beckham
Former England National Team player

No list is complete without Mr. Posh Spice. Whether it’s 10 Most Stylish Footballers—or best athletes in general—his name always comes up in the list. He is stylish, with or without clothes.