Montblanc taps Hamis Daud as its latest friend-of-the-brand

The well-known actor, TV presenter and environmentalist really fits the image of a Mark Maker

Not too long ago, Montblanc reintroduced itself to the world through a new global brand campaign titled “What Moves You, Makes You.” The campaign highlights thought-provoking stories of global Mark Makers to encourage people in challenging themselves and break boundaries, by articulating Montblanc’s brand belief that everyone can leave a mark.

And now, Montblanc has found an Indonesian figure that really encapsulates the qualities of a Mark Maker: Actor, presenter and environmentalist Hamish Daud.

“At Montblanc, being a Mark Maker is not just about professional business accomplishment, it is also about your contribution and your vision towards community, society and the world. Therefore, Hamish was for us an obvious choice as his impact on environmentalist projects is something we feel supportive of,” says Matthieu Dupont, Montblanc South East Asia and Oceania President.

Having grown up in the islands of Indonesia between Jakarta, Bali and Samba, Hamish Daud has been exposed to the ocean’s biodiversity since childhood, which granted him a good understanding and passion towards the environmental issues. He started a movement called Indonesian Ocean Pride, a campaign to safeguard Indonesia’s seas from marine pollution waste. Daud is also one of the United Nations Environment Programme Goodwill Ambassadors and ocean advocates in driving positive change for ocean protection and climate action.

Meanwhile, in the entertainment industry, he’s best known for hosting the popular travel documentary series “My Trip My Adventure,” and starring in movies such as “Supernova,” “Love You… Love You Not” and “Spy In Love.”

“I’m excited on this partnership with Montblanc as I feel closely related to the maison’s manifesto emphasizing on ‘What Moves You, Makes You’ as I have always wanted to do things in a meaningful way with a purpose,” Daud remarks.

As Montblanc’s newest friend of the brand for Indonesia, Daud has joined the Montblanc UltraBlack product line campaign initiatives. As the name implies, UltraBlack is an all-black collection that pays tribute to maison’s heritage with style, elegance and the simplicity of timeless design. In the campaign imagery, he’s seen sporting pieces from the new Montblanc UltraBlack leather and writing instruments collection.