Montblanc Taps Actor Cillian Murphy As One Of Its Latest Mark Makers

As part of the new wave of its “What Moves You, Makes You” campaign, Montblanc introduces actor Cillian Murphy as one of its latest Mark Makers.


The campaign began last year and set out to inspire people to express their full potential by doing what truly moves them, rather than following more conventional paths to success. The brand did so by telling the extraordinary stories of Mark Makers—individuals living their life doing what inspires them the most and leaving their mark along the way.

Irish-born stage and film actor Cillian Murphy is always striving to push his craft forward and move others through his own performances. “Emotion of the story is the thing that is key for me. If I don’t feel altered by the story and the truth of the performance then it hasn’t worked for me as a performer and a viewer,” he explains. As part of their partnership with Montblanc, the Mark Makers are seen sporting new pieces from the Montblanc UltraBlack Collection.