Montblanc Legend Aftershave

Montblanc launches the aptly titled Legend aftershave to accompany its already much-talked-about perfume of the same name.

Feeling balmy and masculine

Want to avoid that rough, dry feeling after a close shave? Here’s a good solution that will leave your face smooth and moisturized.

Montblanc recently introduced its latest fragrance for men, Legend. Now, the German purveyors of quality have also launched an aftershave balm from the same collection, which makes a nice companion to the cologne.

Like the cologne, the aftershave’s packaging is inspired by Montblanc’s very own iconic pen, Meisterstück, which combines sleek black with metallic colors.

On the inside, Legend aftershave balm is just as artistic. The fresh, aromatic and masculine scent of the aftershave fills the nostrils and lingers in the air from the minute the cap is removed. The texture of the balm is smooth, leaving a soothing sensation to your face all day.