Montblanc is Making Your Notes Digital with Augmented Paper

Montblanc has entered the foray of digital with its new Augmented Paper


Montblanc Augmented Paper - 2


Some types of ink last forever, especially if they come from a brand as trusted as Montblanc. But the German company is now making sure that it will last forever and ever. And not just in the notebook, but also in the cloud.

Like, in the digital cloud.

Earlier this month, Montblanc has introduced its latest product, the Augmented Paper, which has the ability to transfer your handwritten notes from physical paper to your device. And it can happen with just the press of a button.


Montblanc Augmented Paper - 1


Basically, all you have to do is write, sketch, what have you on the notebook, using Montblanc’s specially-made StarWalker Ballpoint Pen. A single push of button will activate the Bluetooth, which will digitize and send your notes to the Montblanc Hub, which must be downloaded from the App Store or PlayStore. Once your notes are fully digitized on the device, they can be edited, organized and shared with others.


Montblanc Augmented Paper - 3


The best thing about Montblanc Augmented Paper is probably the fact that it doesn’t need internet to work. Moreover, the Augmented Paper’s battery can last for a week!


Montblanc Augmented Paper - 5


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