MontBlanc Gets Closer To Nature with New Khaki Green 1858 Editions

Inspired by the spirit of mountain exploration. The MontBlanc 1858 product line gets closer to nature with bronze cases, brand-new khaki-green dials and matching coloured “NATO” straps.

This year, MontBlanc marks the arrival of four new “spirit of the great outdoors” inspired 1858 editions that elegantly pairs bronze cases and khaki-green dials with matching “NATO Straps”. The three new timepieces are the new 1858 Automatic models, an 1858 Chronograph and an 1858 Geosphere in the new khaki-green dials and straps—limited to only 1858 pieces of each model.

The MontBlanc 1858 product line is inspired by the historic timepieces of the legendary professional Minerva watches from the 1920s and 1930s; precise, legible and robust for use in extreme conditions which were conceived for military use and exploration. Its latest introduction of the new khaki-green line is MontBlanc’s attempt to enhance its connection to nature and the world of mountain exploring.

Aside from the brand new khaki green dial option, the watches are equipped with matching high-quality woven “NATO” straps—handcrafted in France at a traditional weaving manufacture that has been in production for over 150 years. To further guarantee its performance, all the MontBlanc 1858 models undergo over 500 hours of simulated wear with specific testing and controls under extreme conditions. All models are also water-resistant to 100 metres, which furthermore ensures it’s resilient all-terrain performance.

Here are three of MontBlanc’s latest release of the 1858 collection in brand-new khaki-green dials and matching straps:

From left to right: 1858 Automatic, 1858 Chronograph, and 1858 Geosphere

1858 Automatic

One of the new 1858 Automatic models come in with a of a full-bronze 40mm case (previous versions had a steel case and a bronze bezel) paired with a khaki-green dial, with another option abvailable one in steel case with a black dial

1858 Chronograph

The new 1858 Chronograph comes in a 42mm full bronze case with khaki-green dial, providing an ideal backdrop for the bi-compax counters

1858 Geosphere

The new and 1858 Geosphere, which is dedicated to the world’s Seven Summit mountaineering challenge known the holy grail of mountaineering adventures.