Montblanc and Maison Kitsuné Launch a Leather Capsule Collection

The newest shape-shifting act by Maison Kitsuné sees a truly comprehensive and global approach to luxury lifestyle

Montblanc—the century-old brand beloved for its collection of watches, travel accessories, stationery, and jewelry—has joined forces with Paris-based label Maison Kitsuné for a celebration of the latter’s Art de Vivre attitude. The collaboration marks Montblanc’s first-ever lifestyle venture, with an expansion of its traditional offering inspired by Maison Kitsuné’s stylish sensibility. Former Daft Punk manager Gildas Loaëc and architect Masaya Kuroki created fashion, music, and coffee brand Maison Kitsuné in 2002, inspired by the distinct cultural identities of Paris and Tokyo. “Kitsuné,” the Japanese word for “fox,” is a symbol of versatility that according to legend possesses the power to change its appearance. So, the Montblanc x Maison Kitsuné capsule collection is basically the label’s newest shape-shifting act.

Though the two brands may seem odd bedfellows at first glance, Montblanc executive vice president of marketing, Vincent Montalescot, sums up the partnership’s particular alchemy: “What makes this partnership so dynamic and exciting is bringing together two Maisons with very different origins, stories, and philosophies, yet complementary mindsets.” Together, the brands share a commitment to the art de Vivre, the art of living. Their collection caters to the modern city dweller who can’t—and won’t—sacrifice style for substance.

The capsule collection is made from Saffiano printed leather with a reinterpretation of Maison Kitsune’s signature Camo Fox. Featuring leather goods, wearables and writing accessories, the 12-piece collection audaciously pairs signature Montblanc products with the daring and playful aesthetic of Maison Kitsuné. In addition, this collaboration included a special pair of over-ear headphones that marry Montblanc’s minimal but instantly recognizable logo with the playful fox pattern across the band. A curated summer playlist on Spotify was exclusively made with MATVEЇ, a DJ, producer and Kitsuné Musique artist to celebrate the launch of the headphone.

For Montblanc Chief Executive Officer Nicolas Baretzki, the collaboration with Maison Kitsuné could not have been more timely. He noted that the brand—which currently serves the market of leather goods, writing instruments, and watches—is in need of a global, more comprehensive approach and has plans to expand their offering into additional product categories.