Moncler Launches Chinese New Year-Themed Jackets

It can’t get more Chinese New Year than this



It’s almost like a match made in heaven.

French brand Moncler arrived in China last year to massive success. Moncler’s logo features an image of a rooster. The 2017 Chinese New Year, which will fall on January 28, marks the beginning of the Year of Rooster. So the fact that Moncler has issued a special jacket collection to celebrate Chinese New Year just seems logical.

Available in two models, one for each gender, the jackets come in Chinese New Year-appropriate bright red color with gold details. The men’s jacket features a brocade print of a rooster on the back. The other side of the reversible jacket is embellished with classic quilting.



The jacket is available in Moncler’s stores, both physical and online.

More images of the jacket, which reveal more interesting details, can be found on the following pages.

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