Moncler Launches Camouflaged Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign

Now you see it, now you don’t… No, actually you don’t get to see it at all



Together, Moncler and Annie Leibovitz have produced stunning ad campaign after stunning ad campaign, featuring the likes of Lucky Blue Smith and Karen Elson. Their latest collaboration is a little different in that the campaign doesn’t feature anyone. Well, it kind of does, if you squint really hard.

For their spring/summer 2017 campaign, Moncler enlists the help of Chinese artist and photographer Liu Bolin, who’s famous for his self portraits, where he camouflages himself with paint. Likewise, Bolin also camouflages himself against a backdrop of bookstore or forest for Moncler. During the photo shoot, Bolin would wear a special snowsuit, which was painted according to the setting.



As a result, no one can really see the products advertised. Which got us wondering if this is really the best marketing strategy? Then again, it does make people talk. Anyway, you be the judge!