Mon Dupont by S.T. Dupont and Karl Lagerfeld

Leave it to S.T. Dupont and Karl Lagerfeld to create Mon Dupont, a collection of lighter and writing instruments a class above others.


When two stars align—S.T. Dupont and Karl Lagerfeld—good things tend to happen. These two stars decided to work together and the outcome is a classy collaboration of chic writing instruments.

With the unveiling of the Mon Dupont, consisting of a fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen and lighter, they have created a level of elegance that has come to be expected from a Lagerfeld design.

Inspired by a fan-shaped bottle, Mon Dupont pens have a triangular look, with a gemstone set on the clip, creating a cabochon effect. The collection is available in two colors: lotus red with gold finishes and black with palladium finishes.

Not only are they great to look at, Mon Dupont pens are also highly functional. The rounded corners ensure ergonomic comfort, while the two straight lines and one curved line make sure that the pens won’t roll off one’s desk.