Microsoft Surface Pro

MICROSOFT’S iPAD KILLER. Now that Microsoft has finally been getting some respect in the mobile world, thanks to their well-received Windows Phone OS, they’ve decided to enter the tablet PC fray directly with their latest product, Microsoft Surface Pro.

Running a new version of Windows 8 designed specifically for the device, the Surface is distinguished by its large display (10.6 inches as compared to iPad’s 9.7) featuring Cleartype Full HD, which the company claims will give it a pixel-free viewing experience similar to the newest iPad’s Retina Display.

The Surface also features stylishly integrated keyboard covers, which come in a variety of bright colors including blue and orange that are slickly attached to the device via a magnetic strip.

The specs and make of the Surface make it clear that this is a tablet meant not only to take on Apple’s juggernaut, but also notebook PCs in general.