Michael Kors Presents Extreme Sky Fragrance

The latest fragrance from Michael Kors, crafted for daredevil individuals

There is a new addition to the Extreme collection fragrance by Michael Kors, the aptly-named Extreme Sky. Essentially, Michael Kors Extreme Sky is meant for the daredevil who has it all and knows no limits. The gravity-defying new men’s scent captures the heart-pounding sensation of conquering the sky and soaring high above it all.

The opening notes of this heady fragrance are cypress, bergamot, pink pepper and spices for an invigorating introduction. Then, for the middle notes, there is juniper, cedarwood and an ozonic note blend for a clean, woody and refreshing effect. Finally, Extreme Sky closes with base notes of dry smoky vetiver, warm musk and Clearwood, a custom-crafted note from Firmenich (one of the world’s largest fragrance companies) that’s reminiscent of patchouli.

Michael Kors Extreme Sky is available as 40ml, 70ml and 120ml Eau de Toilettes.