Mercedes Mason Talks “Fear the Walking Dead,” Diversity on TV & Acting Career

STRANGE FOREIGN BEAUTY. From the catwalk to a string of leading roles, Mercedes Mason adds a new glow to the rainbow of showbiz


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Negligee and panties by Dita Von Teese, thigh-highs by Hanes


Mercedes Mason’s personal history is a vibrant fusion of multiple nations, cultures and—as it turns out—talents. Born in Sweden, she eventually moved to the United States where she was immediately catapulted into the limelight as her international modeling career took shape. But it was in Hollywood where she finally saw her future. Although her first time in front of the camera was left uncredited, it marked the first step in a strong acting career, culminating in her current position as a series regular in the hit show “Fear the Walking Dead.” But, of course, there are many more summits that this starlet will surely conquer.


DA MAN: Hi, Mercedes, glad to have you with us. So, “The Walking Dead” franchise is back on a roll with the new season, and there’s also a lot of excitement for “Fear the Walking Dead.” What’s it like being part of this phenomenon?
Mercedes Mason: Thank you! I’m really happy to be here. As for this phenomenon … I am absolutely humbled by this experience! The fans have been incredible, lovely and supportive. None of the cast members anticipated this type of warm reception, so we are all thrilled. To be honest, I feel as though I may wake up from an amazing dream. If that’s the case, I hope I don’t stop dreaming.

DA MAN: What would you say are the things that make shooting “Fear the Walking Dead” unique compared to other TV series you’ve done?
Mercedes Mason: I’ve been so lucky in my career that I’ve had a chance to play all sorts of characters. Ofelia Salazar is no different. I feel so honored to play a role where I can express vulnerability, growth, strength and fear. As an actress, it’s always exciting to play a role that feels “real,” for lack of a better word. I have to commend our writers for creating such grounded and well-rounded characters.



“Diversity is finally allowed to sit at the cool kids’ table”



DA MAN: Is there anything you can tell us about the next season of “Fear the Walking Dead”?
Mercedes Mason: I haven’t been told anything! Which is scary and thrilling at the same time. We, the actors, discover our characters just as they are revealed to the audience. All I know is that we’ll be on a luxury yacht at some point since that was one of the last hints we received in the first season finale.


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