Meet The Modern Fendi Gentleman

FENDI Men’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection offers a fresh take on classic tailoring

Silvia Venturini re-imagines a new normal, where traditional garments are not always what they seem, for FENDI Men’s Fall/Winter 2020 Collection. With retro-futurist undertones, the collection dances to its own beat of polished utility: distilling the essence of FENDI craftsmanship into a surprising wardrobe for the modern gentleman.

Alternating a sartorial canon of melton wool, heavy twill and flannel with the plush hand of shearling, flocked denim and corduroy suede, the collection evolves through the application of trompe l’oeil fabrics and transforming proportions. Considering the garment as a body wallet – and vice versa – is a key conceit, as multi-pocket insertions in reversible outerwear, knits and tailored card holders, earphones, and even a cigar.

Inside-out constructions and quilting are traced across blazers and coats cut in compact matte satin, and outerwear shapes in waterproof gabardine are bonded with felt tabs and FENDI Roma taped seams. Double entendres abound, as sleeves or jacket hems zip off in alternating fabrications and colorways, and straight trousers or shorts are spliced with a skirt.

Accessories are a tribute to the iconic FENDI yellow. Framed in black, yellow leather shopper bags and charms inspired by vintage FENDI packaging join the Baguette and Peekaboo in handknit wool and different sizes, as well as hard and soft monogram luggage styles – together with a ‘travel Peekaboo’ inspired by 1800s trunks. High and low lug-soled boots, bucket hats and docker beanies subvert formality with an industrial elegance.