Meet the Four Dior Men You Will Aspire to Be Like

PEOPLE ARE STRANGE. Dior Homme celebrates individuality in new film project


alain fabien delon
Alain-Fabien Delon


This season marks the 10th time Dior Homme’s Creative Director Kris Van Assche has teamed up with photographer Willy Vanderperre to produce a memorable campaign. So it’s fully reasonable that they have decided to do something quite different this time.

Just like a human being celebrating an anniversary, the collaboration between Van Assche and Vanderperre has evolved too. More like, the campaign they created has evolved or, in Van Assche’s words, metamorphosed.

“In this season’s campaign, the Dior Man metamorphoses into Dior Men; charismatic and distinctly individual, they playfully subvert the rules of masculine dress while at the same time upholding its traditions,” explains Van Assche.


Oliver Sim
Oliver Sim


rinus van de velde
Rinus Van de Velde


victor nylander
Victor Nylander


Decked in the brand’s summer collection, the Dior Men shine in the new film project that is directed by Vanderperre, entitled “Stranger in a Room.” Vanderperre says, “We wanted men that embodied different Dior home identities that make up a Dior Homme world. Each young man is respected for who he is as a person and in what they do.”

These men are basically the new men about town. The group is made up of actor Alain-Fabien Delon, model Victor Nylander artist Rinus Van de Velde and musician Oliver Sim from the band the xx. The latter lent his vocals to bandmate Jamie xx’s song “Stranger in a Room” that was released in 2015, from which the campaign takes its title and background music.

“They are very confident young men. We wanted other people to be invited into their worlds too,” Vanderperre says.


Watch the film below: