Marilyn Monroe: Marilyn, Unsheathed

Fifty years have passed since Marilyn Monroe’s untimely and mysterious death, but the original blonde bombshell has proven herself to be as alluring now as she was when she was still alive.


As the 50th anniversary of her passing draws nearer, a number of publications featuring never-beforepublished accounts and photographs from her life have arisen like a skirt over an air vent. But Lawrence Schiller’s Marilyn and Me (Taschen) is the one that’s really worth your while. Just two weeks before her death, thenyoung photographer Schiller took nude pictures of Marilyn during the filming of what should have been her last movie, Something’s Got to Give.

Marilyn opened up even more to Schiller, confiding intimate thoughts that, along with the photographs he took, reveal a side of the iconic actress rarely glimpsed before. Marilyn and Me is a bare-all—both metaphorically and literally—that’s just as captivating as its subject.