Crazy Marc Jacobs x Vans Sneakers

WATCH YOUR STEP. Tis the year of fashion collaborations and another set to hit the market is between American fashion designer Marc Jacobs and skating brand Vans

As many sneakerheads would know, this isn’t the first time for Marc Jacobs to lend his artistic touch to a pair of Vans sneakers. But this is the first time for the designer to let loose several artists from the US and Japan to put their spin on a pair of the brand’s iconic canvas slip-on shoes. The end result? A crazy collection of sneakers that would make any sneakerhead flip for joy. The only bad news out of the whole presentation, only the shoes designed by Marc Jacobs will be on sale in New York and Japan and less than 200 pairs will be up for grabs.

If you are unlucky enough to make it to the stores in either Japan or New York City, the word is out that there will be an online giveaway. Just be ready to duke it out with other hardcore sneaker heads. The Marc Jacobs designed Van slip-ons that will be available for purchase feature black abstract-line drawings across the shoe. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a pair, you’ll also get a set of Marc Jacobs x Sharpie pens for you to further customize the shoes. Could self-customization be the future of footwear? We’ll see. Such a pity none of the artistic shoes on show are available for purchase, could you imagine walking around in shoes covered in multicolored straight pins or the chained pair?