Luke Eisner: a Natural Rock Star

Luke Eisner is ready to take on Hollywood and the world. DAMAN chats with multitalented artist about his passions and plans for the future.

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Model and actor Luke Nicholas Eisner was born on August 1996. It might come as a surprise for some, but the 6’2” handsome guy from Wisconsin is also a prospective entrepreneur and a respectable musician. With a genetic acumen for business—thanks to his father’s parents who are well-known businesspeople and philanthropists—he founded Luke Eisner DJ and Lighting in 2010 before dissolving it to pursue a career in entertainment.  He also makes up one half of pop/rock duo VOILÀ which captured the attention and praise from Billboard and BBC Music Introducing, and has been supporting acts for the likes of Kesha, The Fray as well as X Ambassadors on their North American tours.
Since moving to California, Eisner began modeling after he was scouted at a hair salon by the owner—who insisted that he give it a go. He was then able to add big names such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and H&M to his portfolio. Eisner finally landed his first acting gig by guest starring in an episode of “The Goldbergs” before landing his first major role in Netflix’ “Tall Girl.” In the show, he’s plays the role of Stig Mohlin, a Swedish foreign exchange student and the tall guy to Ava Michelle’s “tall girl.”

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DA MAN chatted with the rising star to get to know more about Eisner’s passion for acting, life post “Tall Girl,” plans for his music career and more.

DA MAN: You currently appear in Netflix’s “Tall Girl.” What does being part of this project mean to you?
Luke Eisner: It means a great deal to be a part of a coming of age story. There is a timeless element to this kind of storytelling. For example, my grandma, at 90 years old, enjoyed it just as much as my 15-year-old cousin. Most importantly, being in a film that has such a tectonic and puissant moral message really inspires the cast and crew to put their whole heart into creating it—and I was honored to be a part of that process.

DA: The film shows how teens can be bullied and picked on in high school. Did you ever experience anything similar?
LE: Absolutely! It was always over silly little things like being tall, thin, liking to read or having long hair, etc. However, what’s interesting is that the stuff I was teased for are the things that ended up helping my career get started. It doesn’t stop, though. I still read negative comments about the same things I was picked on for in high school. The bullies never change, but you can become more confident in yourself and embrace your differences because it’s what makes you stand out. It’s easier said than done, but it’s a process like anything else.

DA: What is your reaction to the fandom that grew from the success of the film?
LE: It has been really enjoyable to see people excited about the film from all over the world. It blows me away seeing fan pages in all different languages and from different parts of the world that I dream about visiting one day!

“Bullies never change, but you can become more confident in yourself and embrace your differences because it’s what makes you stand out”

DA: What type of characters would you love to play and explore in the future?
LE: I would love to do a film that’s based off a novel. I think it would be a welcome challenge to try to bring a character that people already have a mental image of off of the page and onto the screen.

DA: Are there any specific directors in your “I really hope to work with them one day” bucket list?
LE: I really am impressed by the wit of Wes Anderson and Tim Burton. They both have also done stop motion animation films which I had a soft spot for growing up.

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DA: There are a lot of stories being retold and rebooted in Hollywood today. Are there any particular remakes you would love to see?
LE: I would like to see “Pocahontas” redone. I always wanted to be like John Smith growing up! I also think a live action “The Nightmare Before Christmas” would be great. I think “Pirates of the Caribbean” could be made into a great series, kind of like what they are doing with the new “Lord of the Rings” that is reportedly in the works.

DA: In addition to acting you are also a singer, writer and musician. And you’re part of VOILÀ. Can you tell us a little bit about the band and the kind of music you play?
LE: Songwriting is my daily love. I am in the studio with Gus, the other member of VOILÀ, every day I can. While our sound is pop, we try to keep things honest. I’m inspired by literature and my own experiences which I hope makes the songs as relatable as possible.

DA: What can we expect from the band in the near future?
LE: We are coming off of the release of our EP “Déjà vu,” which feels like an end-of-summer exotic pop record to me. Our song “Stand Tall” which we redid with Ava Michelle for “Tall Girl” has messages of self-love in it to parallel the tone of the movie. So, this fall, we are going back to my home state of Wisconsin and playing our songs for kids in middle and high school and talking about anti-bullying and self-love.

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DA: What is an interesting fact about you that people find most surprising?
LE: I’m a really big “Harry Potter” fan. Actually, that’s an understatement. I’m a huge “Harry Potter” fan! When I was in kindergarten, all the cooler older kids at the bus stop were reading Harry Potter so I learned how to read novels from there on out. I actually wrote a letter to J. K. Rowling asking her to my homecoming dance just so I could ask her questions. I tell myself it must have gotten lost in the mail…

“I try to remain conscious of everyone around me in the event than an opportunity to be kind presents itself”

DA: Can you tell us more about your passion for writing and where it comes from?
LE: I always wanted to be an author growing up. For some reason I’m very drawn to romantic movies and books so I gravitated towards poetry early on. From there, I got addicted to rhyming and that eventually turned into songwriting.

DA: When you were growing up, were there any particular moments that really shaped who you are today?
LE: The first concert I ever went to was the Goo Goo Dolls when I was really young. I had waited with my parents before the show in hopes to see them and then [Goo Goo Dolls guitarist and frontman] Johnny Rzeznik stopped and gave me a guitar pick. That moment ended up inspiring me to learn guitar, which I now play every day. It made me realize that the smallest displays of kindness can really alter someone’s life. So, I try to remain conscious of everyone around me in the event than an opportunity to be kind presents itself.

DA: There are so many actors lending their voices to so many different causes. What cause do you care about the most?
LE: Domestic violence. I grew up volunteering at shelters in Milwaukee. Since I’m in the industry of writing love songs and being in romantic movies, it makes me really sick knowing that some people’s definition of love has become violence. I want to help survivors and their families get the support, resources, and education they need in hopes to break the cycle for the next generation.

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Jacket by Mondo / Pants by Asos
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T-shirt by H33M / Pants by Wndrr
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