Luckylefthand Decorates Louis Vuitton’s Headquarters

The vibrant paintings are a message of positivity to the Pont Neuf neighborhood

Artist Steven Burke, better known as Luckylefthand, has decorated the façade of Louis Vuitton’s Paris office located near Pont Neuf. The artwork covers a total surface of around 280 square meters and is composed of 14 colorful and lively paintings. With this work, Louis Vuitton and Luckylefthand strives to send a positive message to the Pont Neuf neighborhood.

Luckylefthand used a condensed style that is inspired by the aesthetics of the ’60s and ’70s aesthetics. With his work, passerby are are taken on a journey through the landscapes of Hossegor, a French town that has inspired the artist over the years. The panting was made using acrylic colors only and depicts numerous hands, a recurring symbol in his body of work. The hands are positioned about one and a half meters from each other but are spiritually connected, representing our current state of mind and mentality.

“I wanted to create this wall painting to offer Parisians a colorful stroll past the 14 windows, evoking a summer holiday while still representing the temporary period we are going through,” said Luckylefthand.