Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades at Miami Design Week Embody Creativity, Functionality and Innovation

Since its founding in 1853, Parisian luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has made a name for itself through both style and functionality. What began as the impetus to go above and beyond in coming up with better trunks for long voyages eventually became a design virtue inherent to the brand—a virtue that remains true to this day.

The Petal Chair by Marcel Wander

In 2021, this tradition of beautifully-crafted, travel-inspired objects was manifested through the creation of stunning objets imagined by some of the world’s most renowned designers. Through this Objets Nomades collection, Louis Vuitton’s core values of creativity, functionality and innovation are laid out front and center.

The Objets Nomades collection is known to feature icons such as the Bed Trunk which was made in 1874 for French explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza. In short, the collection pays homage to all of the Maison’s most iconic creations of the past while adding creative, contemporary visions from designers from all around the world.


As the Objets Nomades collection continued to grow, Louis Vuitton began participating in various events, fairs and show where the objets would naturally feel at home. One such event is held every year in Miami, and last December, the maison featured an Objets Nomades installation during Miami Design Week.

Beyond merely showcasing its legendary craftsmanship, the brand’s participation in Miami Design Week also highlighted its mastery of merging aesthetics and functionality. Furthermore, the exhibition gave the public a rare chance to come face-to-face with Louis Vuitton’s famed legacy in the form of objets both old and new.


This year, Objets Nomades welcomes a slew of new creations which were officially launched during Miami Design Week.

Signature Sofa and Armchair

Designed by Frank Chou, the Signature Armchair and Signature Sofa were inspired by the layering of terraced fields in Yunnan, China, as well as the sculpted forms of Antelope Valley in Arizona. This sofa collection is made up of two versions, one for indoor placement and another for outdoor. The indoor variant sees dynamic floating structures covered with leather and a striking, three-dimensional dot fabric from Paola Lenti, whereas the outdoor version, which is the very rst Objets Nomades speci cally designed for outdoor use, is upholstered in waterproof canvas and Brio by Paola Lenti.

The Totem Lumineux

Elegantly designed and delicate in many ways, the Totem Lumineux brings together seven hand-blown Murano glass spheres in five different colors: Capri yellow, Caribbean green, Venetian ruby, Peacock blue, and Emerald green. The Totem Lumineux sits on a solid marble base, with each glass sphere supported on a gilded brass ring.

The nine cushions of Marcel Wanders’ elegantly constructed Petal Chair are covered in comfortable, rich leather and resemble a flower in bloom. The seat warmly embraces the body, which creates the sense of resting amid a landscape of petals. Designed with an arrangement of four petals as the seat, this functional and enduringly beautiful chair emulates nature as it brings Louis Vuitton’s iconic Flower to life.


Inspired by the piped swirls of meringue, the Merengue pouffe is composed of eight sections, each made of supple leather and a soft wool lining. These stunningly crafted and elegant petals create a beautiful swirl that is like an invitation to the eyes. Available in vibrant colors, the versatile Merengue brings a joyful touch of effervescence to any room.

The Cosmic Table

Designed by Raw Edges, the Cosmic Table features a base that is both deceptively simple yet remarkably ingenious, namely an organic design created using just three pieces of interlocking paper. Mixing cutting-edge techniques and the house’s traditional savoir-faire, this innovative carbon-fiber form is expertly covered with thin layers of leather. The rich color elegantly contrasts with the edges of the piece, which draw a seemingly in nite line that visually shapes the base. When topped with its disc of beveled glass, the Cosmic Table becomes a remarkably elegant centerpiece.


The Campana Brothers’ Aguacate—which is Spanish for “avocado”—looks for all the world like a constellation of brightly colored suns radiating rays of handwoven leather straps. Available in an extremely limited edition of just thirty, each Aguacate is made up of nine differently sized, avocado-shaped pieces adorned in vibrant colors, held together by sixteen polished brass clasps. The Aguacate can be arranged on a wall for a brilliant burst of radiance or used as a free-hanging room divider like a cloud of vivid butterflies.

And last but most definitely not least, to accompany the growth of the Objets Nomades collection, Louis Vuitton has also introduced the Petits Nomades collection of smaller-scale objects, which includes creations ranging from swing chairs to mirrors, tables to lamps, stools to sofas. Each of these new projects is seen as a new opportunity for designers and the creative artisans at Louis Vuitton to interpret the Maison’s traditional values and sculpt them into creations in their own, unique, and imaginative ways.