New Louis Vuitton Scented Candles: En Mai and Écorce Rousse

Imbued with the spirit of travel that has inspired the House since the outset, the Louis Vuitton collection of perfumed candles is an invitation to escape and to dream.

Composed in Grasse by the Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, its fragrances immediately transport the senses. Like an olfactory snapshot, each one captures the atmosphere of an inspiring setting and brings it into the home.

Launched in 2018, the Louis Vuitton collection of scented candles now comprises six creations that are like so many getaways to savor right at home. Following L’Air du Jardin, Île Blanche, Feuilles d’Or and Dehors Il Neige, it has expanded to include En Mai,
 a bucolic and spring-like fragrance, and Écorce Rousse, a powerful pairing of leather and wood.

En Mai

A green and delicately fruity fragrance, En Mai captures the joyous, carefree spirit of a country getaway on a beautiful spring day. The scents of generous, vibrant nature inspire a freewheeling perfume that instantly transports one to the countryside, straight to the heart of a green patch bathed in the sun’s gentle rays.

“With this fragrance, I wanted eternal springtime to permeate the home,” explains Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. Fresh and naturalistic, its composition blends galbanum, whose intensely green scent evokes freshly cut grass, with tangy and subtly fruity blackcurrant. At the heart of its fragrant wax, a note of sweet, velvety peach and essence of carrot seed with apricot accents radiate a tender glow. Cheerful, impish and delicately gourmand, this fragrance is an invitation to fully savor the present moment.

Écorce Rousse

Inspired by Louis Vuitton’s historic atelier in Asnières, where key pieces—rigid trunks, styles in rare and exotic leathers and special orders—are produced to this day, Écorce Rousse showcases the distinguished duo of leather and wood, the two elements that are essential to the olfactory atmosphere of this emblematic setting.

Enhanced by the artisans’ savoir-faire and patinated by time, these two noble materials reveal a singular resonance through a “perfume for the skin”. Leather is exalted
by wood whose bark—a true vegetal skin—is notably used to tan the House’s signature natural leather.

“I wanted to transcribe the true scent of this magical place,” Jacques Cavallier Belletrud recounts. With a minimalist signature, his creation celebrates the raw beauty
of its ingredients. A suave, velvety leather note evoking supple suede unfurls majestically over a framework of energetic, dry wood: cedar, softened slightly by vanilla, gives this very contemporary fragrance a regal trail.

En Mai and Écorce Rousse scented candles will be available on November 1, 2019, at selected stores of Louis Vuitton and Each of the 220 g scented candle is priced at 175 €.