Louis Vuitton teams up with Marc Newson to revamp the Pégase

The third collaboration between Marc Newson and Louis Vuitton expands into the rolling luggage series

Louis Vuitton’s history has always been defined by innovation in travel. So, it came as no surprise when Maison advanced its Rolling Luggage series for its third collaboration with Marc Newson. Among the most influential industrial designers of his generation, Newson has previously collaborated with Louis Vuitton back in 2016 to work on the Horizon and the Horizon Soft duffels. This time, Newson reimagined the Rolling Luggage series through the Pégase.
In a way, this new collaborative collection is simply a natural continuation of the already successful partnership that Louis Vuitton and Newson embarked on a few years ago. The historic Pégase design is now reimagined using new materials and techniques that the two creative entities have developed for the Horizon and Horizon Soft ranges. As a result, all three collaborative collections between Louis Vuitton and Newson have a consistent vocabulary and share the same innovations.

Revamping the iconic Pégase comes with challenges, especially compared to the process of creating a new concept, like for the Horizon and Horizon Soft. As an industrial designer, Newson often works within an existing typology of products, but for Pégase, he was tasked with evolving a pre-existing offering. So, he started by identifying the areas in the current design that defined it—in this case the pocked exterior along with the two- and four-wheel configuration— and then worked on how to refine them. Newson’s design was also guided by a brief to create a lightweight case with increased internal volume while keeping the iconic character of the original Pégase. With all these challenges in mind, Newson strived to maintain the classic design but, at the same time, evolve it via several key details.
For the new Pégase, Newson once again applied his expertise in materials and engineering. He experimented with aluminum alloys used in the aerospace industry and finally came up with tubes of unparalleled. slimness. By reducing interior protrusions, internal space is optimized throughout. “This was one of the very first elements I wanted to address for the interior,” Newson explains. “You could say I approached this product from the inside out.” Furthermore, the trolley system— which is notably topped with an ergonomic handle in this design—excels in strength and maneuverability. And in keeping with the spirit of Louis Vuitton, optional packing cubes continue to offer a modular approach to the art of packing. These are, of course, compatible with the luggage collection. Another point of difference between the Horizon and the Pégase, besides the wheels, is the telescopic handle. For both variations of the Horizon luggage, the handle spans the full width of the suitcase, and allows the frame of the suitcase to extend into the handle. This means the frame has been placed on the exterior, thus rendering the inside of the suitcase fully flat. The handles on the Pégase are far narrower and line up with the back of the suitcase. In a way, the handles appear as if they’re part of the shell. The interior, meanwhile, is still flat.

“I think the most appealing thing is how lightweight the luggage is and also how closely it resembles the iconic Pégase model. What we’ve done is make some edits to the historic model by introducing 21st century manufacturing, without sacrificing any character. Historically, Pégase was not just a bag for leisure, but also for business. The exterior zipped pocket was originally designed to house documents, and more recently, laptops or tablets- which are now essential to any traveler,” Newson elaborated.
True to the visual language of Louis Vuitton, the Pégase is offered in timeless Monogram, Monogram Eclipse, Damier Graphite and Taiga Leather. Underneath, the shell ensures that Pégase is at once lightweight and ultra-resistant. In this way, frequent travelers will appreciate that Newson has given equal consideration to the luggage’s exterior and interior. As travel for any purpose becomes essential and exciting once again, the Louis Vuitton Rolling Luggage collection delivers an elevated statement through design that is built to last.