Louis Vuitton Names j-hope as The House’s New Ambassador

After announcing Pharrell Williams as its new men’s creative director, Louis Vuitton surprises us and the army (again) with news worth every single headline on the world wide web. 

It is no secret that every member of the K-Pop group BTS has always been a darling of the fashion scene. Each member possesses such an undeniably unique persona and blazing energy. In this case, we are talking about Jimin, Suga, and j-hope, which for the latter, Louis Vuitton has recognized and proudly appointed him as the house’s newest ambassador following the recent announcement of his fellow members as other fashion houses’ spokespersons.

j-hope himself has been known not only as a BTS member but also as a solo artist who is beloved by fans across the globe for his upbeat energy, precise choreography, and creative musical direction. With a positive on-and-off-stage presence, j-hope continues to push artistic boundaries and inspire international audiences.

Now that the house has made the two big announcements, there’s much more to expect from the upcoming collection. We predict that Pharrell and j-hope will make such a good duo in conveying the brand’s voice. Thought?