Louis Vuitton Enters The Age of Smartwatches

FASHIONABLY SMART SENSE. Louis Vuitton’s latest addition to its Tambour watch family gets a major overhaul, transforming the classy timepiece into wearable tech, AKA a smartwatch

Although considered relatively new in the watchmaking industry, high luxury brand Louis Vuitton, has taken a bold step by recently announcing its first ever connected timepiece. Like many other brands that have braved the unknown sea of wearable technology, the French fashion brand better known for its stylish bags and trunks intends to merge both style and technology to create something that is not only functional but also fashionable.

Dubbed the Tambour Horizon, Louis Vuitton’s smartwatch looks as stunning as its mechanical counterparts, but because of all the internal tech makes it a bit chunkier. Despite that fact, the case of the timepiece is much smaller than other smartwatches, coming in with a diameter of only 42 mm. Like other smartwatches, one of the major perks of owning this type of timepiece is the customization of its display, and Louis Vuitton doesn’t disappoint presenting an array of customizable displays that feature the brands iconic monogram. The Tambour Horizon comes in three finishes (polished steel, brushed steel and full black), and it has 30 different straps for men and 30 for women, which easily snap on and off offering a larger variety of style.

Made in conjunction with Google and Qualcomm Technology, and boasting a Swiss made case, the Tambour Horizon pretty much functions like many other smartwatch out there, just minus a heartbeat monitor. But being a brand that is synonymous with travel, one of the extra features that Louis Vuitton offers amongst the myriad of different apps commonly built in to them is a special Louis Vuitton city guide. Thanks to this app, the watch can determine where you are at what time to recommend the best nearby restaurant or bar or shop in seven world capitals.

Like other smartwatches, it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is compatible with either Apple or Android devices. But this being a high luxury brand, don’t expect this Tambour Horizon to come as cheap as the Apple Watch. While other smartwatches range around $200 to $400, this timepiece will set you back $2,450. While the Apple Watch Hermès starts at $1,149 and Tag Heuer’s Connected is about $1,600, this is the first smartwatch to cost over $2,000.

Michael Burke, chief executive of Louis Vuitton, has stated that this is just the first step for Louis Vuitton entering the digital age and that there is more yet to come. Who knows, seeing how the brand’s new luggage collection designed by Marc Newson is also called Horizon, maybe we might see a digitally integrated trunk in the near future.