Louis Vuitton Introduces a Collection of Lavish Sporting Goods

As exercising at home increasingly becomes the norm, basic exercise equipment becomes increasingly common in homes everywhere. For those with an eye for exercising in style, Louis Vuitton has a collection of athletic staples just for you.

Nothing will make you want to start working out more when you’ve purchased a workout set that costs more than your annual gym membership. Louis Vuitton has recently unveiled its 2020 home goods collection, and besides a range of games and collectable items, there is also a lineup of lavish sporting goods with “a striking aesthetic and sporty appeal” only the French luxury fashion can provide.

For starters, there are the metal designer dumbbells weighing 3 kilograms (6.7 pounds). Branding details comes in the form of a “Louis Vuitton” engraving at the ends of the weights alongside the “3 kg” weight indicator, circulating “LV” engraving at the end of each handle, finished with a stand-out Monogram Eclipse canvas.

For cardio, you might want to consider these Louis Vuitton jumping ropes. One of the collections’ “workout essentials,” the Christopher jumping ropes features a leather strand and handles covered with dark, masculine Monogram Eclipse canvas.

For a more entertaining option, there’s also the”Pingpong Set James.” This posh table tennis set includes two professionally designed ping-pong paddles, regulation balls in a custom holder and an exclusive cover crafted of masculine Monogram Eclipse canvas.

Other notable sports accessories that you can try after the pandemic’s done includes a pair of beach bats, a water bottle holder, a giant Monorgam-imprinted volleyball and a skiing set. Check out the complete “Sporting Goods” collection to look for stylish new ways to elevate your home gym.