Longines Master Collection

18 decades of horological heritage have brought Longines to a level of watchmaking and timekeeping mastery, which has resulted in the elegantly fashionable and stylish Master Collection.

The year was 1832 when Auguste Agassiz made his entrance into the world of watchmaking by forming a partnership with a watchmaking counter in Switzerland. It was not long before Agassiz made his way to the top and quickly took control of the enterprise, renaming it “Agassiz & Compagnie.” Today that is known the world over as Longines.

Founded and still currently based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, Longines is a watchmaking company with a strong devotion to tradition, elegance and precision. Longines has polished the art of timing mechanics and expertly crafting watches over the past 179 years. With an excellent reputation for crafting refined timepieces, the “winged hourglass” is now established in more than 130 countries.

As a pioneering entity, Longines has helped to improve methods of watchmaking and manufacturing as well as carrying out technical research that has garnered many awards and distinctions. Longines is consistently at the forefront of technological innovation and advancement when it comes to watches and timekeeping. In aeronautics, Longines has been the official supplier to the International Aeronautics Federation for watches required to set and certify world flight records since 1919; a partnership that timed and logged Charles Lindbergh’s first non-stop solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 1927.

Longines has also gradually built a very close relationship with the sporting world and, because of their prowess in precision timekeeping development, Longines was able to invent several devices used in numerous sporting events. They created the “broken wire” automatic timing system used at the Swiss Federal Gymnastics event in 1912, as well as the “Photogines” which was the first mechanism to link timing with a photo finish in 1952 and the “Contifort” in 1960, which was the first system to combine timing with a moving image. These milestone inventions paved the way for Longines to continue to be an integral part of the world of sports and the precise timing essential to sporting events.

Longines is once again the official timekeeper and partner of the prestigious French Open in Roland Garros. For the brand, Roland Garros is a perfect illustration of both its slogan “elegance is an attitude” and its rich sporting heritage. Longines is also the current official timekpeer for many sports and involced with several others including skiing, archery, badminton and equestrian sports.

Longines Master Collection

The Master Collection, featured here, is an amazing blend of experience and expertise. In order to honor its history, Longines has imagined a timepiece bearing witness to its rich horological heritage and constant striving for elegance: The Longines Master Collection Retrograde. This watch, enclosing a new automatic mechanical caliber developed especially for Longines has become the flagship model of a collection devoted to highlighting the horological traditions of the brand.

Enclosing a new ETA caliber, specially developed and made exclusively for Longines, The Longines Master Collection Retrograde forms part of a collection of sober, elegant timepieces, the heir to the watchmaking past of the firm with the winged hourglass.

Offering retrograde functions (day, date, seconds, second time zone on a 24-hour scale) in a movement with automatic rewinding, the Retrograde combines a mechanical horological complication with simple usage. Apart from showing the time, its functions include a display of the day, set at 12 o’clock, a calendar on the right of the dial, a second time zone on a 24-hour scale to the left and a subsidiary second hand at 6 o’clock. These four functions are retrograde: that is, the hands indicating the information instantly fly back to regain their starting position once they have reached the end of their travel. Dancing in harmony, the seven hands trace out a graceful ballet, making this timepiece a captivating article to own.

Beyond its pure design and care given to the finish, the elegance of this watch lies in the combination of polished indices, silvered dial with “barley-corn” decoration and blued hands, the distinguishing mark of the traditional horological series called The Longines Master Collection.