Loewe’s new Puzzle Fold tote takes versatility to a new level

Representing the brand’s unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries, Loewe’s latest Puzzle Fold bag is a showcase of contemporary craftsmanship and creative versatility

Loewe’s Puzzle bag remains popular today thanks to its distinctive characteristics. Conceived by Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson in 2014, the Puzzle family has grown bigger this year with the addition of the Puzzle Fold tote as its newest member. The bag’s shape is reminiscent of origami, and has been meticulously cut, stitched and arranged in a way that allows it to fold and unfold with a simple gesture. When folded, the bag lies completely flat, making it the perfect travel companion. For versatility, the Puzzle Fold is available in a mini size and features a detachable strap. Additionally, an oversized edition is available in Black, Seaside Blue, Umber and Hunter Green, along with a brushed suede edition in Peanut.