Living: Bougies La Française Candle

LIGHT OF MY LIFE. More than a mere source of light, candle is an invaluable element to a décor. It adds light and shadows to a space, thus giving depth by highlighting and dimming it in the right places.




Yet there’s the scented candle that aptly sets the tone to a living space and stimulates emotions with its fragrance. With a knowledge and experience in candle making spanning more than a century and passed down to five generations, the French luxury candle maker Bougies La Française, available at Glów Living Beauty, draws inspiration from the warmest and most familiar of sources. With a mélange of fragrances to choose from, the Ambre Rare from the Quintessence collection creates a warm, sensual atmosphere with intense amber notes, while the sleek jewel glass case adds a touch of fine polish to a room. For a fragrance that lingers on, light up a supplementary reed diffuser.