Living: Bamboo Contemporary Interior Accessories by Alvin-T and FASA

BAMBOO DU JOUR. Noted designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo is truly a master of merging local materials and superb craftsmanship to create contemporary designs that are unmistakably Indonesian



His unique style is beautifully exemplified in the collaboration between Alvin-T and FASA, a design studio specializing in bamboo. The result is a selection of contemporary interior accessories that truly highlights the durability and unique textures of the humble plant. There is the delicate yet flamboyant Jangjang hanger; the dainty Puccha pencil holder, which can easily lend a touch of tranquility to just about any office space; a pair of exquisite fruit baskets and lamp caps sure to channel in a bit of raw natural beauty into any home; as well as an intricately woven loop stool that is sure to catch the eye of any visitor.


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