Living: Alessi Pierrot Coat Stand Marries Design and Art

BALANCING ACT. At first glance, the Pierrot coat stand from Alessi might seem unassuming, even a bit mundane.


But, there are coat stands and then there are coat stands created by prominent French designer Pauline Deltour. The Pierrot, being the latter, is a marvel of product design and applied art. All of its pieces effortlessly slot into each other for easy assembly which becomes even more surprising when you consider just how sturdy and stable the whole contraption is. The perfect alignment of the three legs with the six little clothes pegs allows each single peg to hold up to five kilograms of clothes without the Pierrot tipping over. Of course, it also helps that this beech wood stand can easily blend with just about any home décor.

(Available at Bika Kemang)