Like Father Like Son: Jude Law and Raff Law as Brioni’s Ambassadors

Italian luxury menswear house Brioni tapped Jude Law and Raff Law as its house ambassadors.

The father and son duo debuted in the house’s spring/summer 2022 campaign, showcasing the new collection’s key pieces. Brioni believes that acting and tailoring share the same aspects, in that both require precision, practice, dedication and interaction that elevates the performance to the next level. Behind the camera was photographer Craig McDean, who captured the elegance and class effortlessly exuded by the Laws. The photoshoot also marked the duo’s first stage-sharing. Commenting on their project with Brioni, Raff stated that he was excited to share the frame with his father. He also noted that both take delight in clothing.

Learn more about Brioni’s spring/summer 2022 campaign through the video below: