The New LG Optimus Pad

The netbook is dying and the tablet has taken its place as the tech-consumer essential of the day. Tablet computers are part of the “post-pc era” and LG intends to tap into that market with their new LG Optimus Pad or the 4G G-Slate.

The tablets keep on coming and LG is not about to miss out. The obvious trend this year in technology is the rise of 3-D, 4G and mobile dual-core processors. 4G refers to fourth generation of cellular wireless standards and is faster. This device covers all three. The 4G G-Slate, or Optimus Pad with Google by LG, is the first to bring 3-D to the tablet world with its brilliant HD, 8.9-inch, 3-D-capable, capacitive multi-touch display.

The device runs on the new Honeycomb Android 3.0 OS and features a front-facing 2MP camera and rear-facing dual-stereoscopic cameras allowing you to choose between 3-D video recording or full 1,080p, high-definition, 2-D video capture. An HDMI output also allows for direct connectivity between the device and your 3-D television. The onboard Tegra 2 dual-core processor also makes it fast.