Levi’s Announces Its Latest Collaboration With A Bathing Ape

This time around, the two big names come together to create a collection that offers the ultimate in exclusivity and customization

In previous years, the collaborative collections between Levi’s, one of the world’s largest apparel companies, with  Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE), which has created some of the most iconic streetwear on the market, have been highly sought after. This year, the two fashion houses have come together again to the delight of their fans all over the globe by pairing BAPE’s playful and irreverent style with classic Levi’s silhouettes.

For the third installment of the Levi’s x BAPE Collaboration, the two created a collection that offers the ultimate in exclusivity and customizability. In particular, the new collection reinvents the iconic Split Trucker Jacket, which now features a full zip at the back and a traditional button closure in the front that allows it to be divided into two halves.

The new collection also includes the Levi’s x BAPE Western Shirt, 6-Panel Cap, T shirts, and special Zip Front Trucker Jacket featuring a paneled mix of the five exclusive Levi’s x BAPE global camo print colorways.

The highlight of the collection is arguably the Levi’s x BAPE Type III Split Trucker Jacket, which is a limited edition jacket that comes with five exclusive camo print colorways that can be mixed-and-matched, or separated into more than 70 possible unique combinations.

All in all, as BAPE brings its iconic streetwear style to a lineup of re-imagined Levi’s classics, this new collaboration definitely creates one of the most covetable and collectible collaborations ever.