Let’s Talk About Chris Pine’s Orange Outfit in San Diego Comic Con 2018

Last weekend was the ultimate gathering event for geek-fandom everywhere, the annual San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).

Of all the pop culture conventions, SDCC is always the biggest. It’s where all the stars and minds behind your favorite films, TV series, comic books, video games, toys, and many others are at.

We could be talking about upcoming movies, but we’d really like to discuss Chris Pine. He broke the internet for something he wore for the Wonder Woman sequel panel.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine at San Diego Comic Con 2018

Yes, we admit he looked staggeringly eye-catching. But is it that bad? DAMAN dissects Pine’s OOTD (outfit of the day).

It’s season appropriate

The Chris Pine San Diego Comic Con 2018 essentials

It’s the peak of summer, there’s no better time to wear this. Plus, it’s a convention filled with colorful characters, so why not? The Copper Rose linen shirt from The Saturdays NYC was indeed the game changer, showing how experimental Pine can be with his fashion selections. The linen trousers from David Hart’s spring collection is definitely made for the west coast weather too. Lastly, those white Montecito white Sabah espadrilles looked ultra comfy.

It’s achieved its purpose

Chris Pine in his orange outfit at the Wonder Woman 1984 panel at San Diego Comic Con 2018

The goal of being at a comic-con (whether as a speaker or as attendance) is to stand out, to make headlines. Chris Pine did exactly that. He was a trending topic on Twitter!

He gave us holiday look inspiration

Patty Jenkins, Chris Pine and Gal Gadot at the “Wonder Woman 1984” panel at San Diego Comic Con 2018

Going away for a quick summer getaway but got nothing to wear? Lucky for you, Chris Pine just gave major inspiration.

Sure, it may be out of place in SDCC, but to us, this is exactly what we’d wear while sipping Piña Coladas.

Chris Pine is our summer 2018 hero. He is the definition of a fashion risk taker. Easily our best dressed man of the week—or season!

He’s a gentleman

Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine at San Diego Comic Con 2018 – let’s just hope that the pink phone is not his as well

In case you haven’t noticed, “Wonder Woman” and its sequel are films about a female superhero (which also directed by a female filmmaker). Pine simply didn’t want to upstage Gal Gadot as the panel and film’s main star, as well as director Patty Jenkins. Or wait, didn’t he?