Legacy of Louis Vuitton Les Sables Roses Fragrance

Following Ombre Nomade, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud pursues his interpretation of this exceptional legacy. An ode to the magic of the desert, Les Sables Roses is an inspiration seized from a moment in time and set to the spellbinding rhythm of the desert: that handful of minutes when night cedes to the promise of a new day.

Belletrud sources the most precious ones from the four corners of the world and strives to enhance them in each of his creations. He brings this vision to life with Les Sables Roses, a hot-and-cold composition whose ingredients mutually elevate one another. It is a perfume of resolutely simple architecture, to better underscore the richness of its ingredients: a duo of rose and oud, accentuated by ambergris.

To the rose, he offered a blend of two qualities: a light essence with fruity, sparkling accents, and a denser absolute with green, slightly animalistic inflections to recreate the illusion of a scent whose secret is known only to nature. To oud, “the most primal woody note”, he took all the time necessary to find an essence of exceptional quality.

The pure partnership galvanized by ambergris, a rare and mysterious ingredient whose marine, animalistic scent evokes skin warmed by the sun. In bringing volume and warmth to a trail of contrasts, it reinforces and prolongs the perfume’s incomparable sensuality.

Layering different perfumes together to create a perfectly unique fragrance trail is not a recent concept. Today, layering is widely practiced in the Middle East, and its progressively making headway among perfume lovers in the West. Everyone can layer scent dependant on a mood or occasion. Fascinated by a tradition that is simultaneously ancestral and contemporary, Belletrud created Les Sables Roses as a fragrance trail that exists both in its own right and in combination with other scents – worn in association with Ombre Nomade, for example.