Latest Seasonal Styles by Adidas Y-3

PERFECT COLLABORATION. The latest fashionably sporty designs in Adidas Y-3’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection is sure to excite urban fashionistos everywhere


Long before the term athleisure was coined or before high-end fashion brands decided to try their hand at sports-fashion crossovers, Adidas had already collaborated with Japanese fashion legend Yohji Yamamoto. By combining the avant-garde styles of Yamamoto’s high-end fashion with the advanced sportswear technology that Adidas is known for, gave birth to Y-3. For the past 15 years the fusion of fashion and sportswear has not only given rise to some of the most iconic sneakers but also unforgettable designs that perfectly marry sport and fashion.


At Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Y-3 presented its latest offerings for its fall/winter 2018 collection. It seems that trend of oversized outfits was the fashion forecast for the season as the runway show opened with oversized scarves, sneakers, sidebags and tees. The collection seemed mostly devoid of color, with most of the outfits being black, except for hints of neon yellow that has been said to be endorsed by Kanye West. As the show progressed did we finally get hoodies, jackets and sneakers in white, plus several colorfully printed jackets, that were still heavy on the dark tones. Emblazoned on several pieces were the bold slogans, such as ‘Y DON’T YOU CALL ADIDAS’ and ‘NICE TO MEET YOU’, which were there to tell the tale of collaboration and mutual respect from which the Y-3 name originated.


Being under the Adidas moniker, of course sneakers were the main attention grabber for many of the shows attendees, and the runway did not disappoint. One such offering was the Ekika, a neoprene mesh sock style sneaker with suede accents and stitched details, available in the iconic neon yellow. Another original sneaker was the Kaiwa that melds a minimalist design with contrasting midsole accents to create a bold, 3-D effect. For those more into high-cut basketball shoes may favor the BYW BBall, which was designed with the aid of James Harden. The fall/winter 2018 collection by Y-3 is sure to attract urban fashionistos looking for a sporty yet high-fashion edge.