Lanvin’s Exclusive Collaboration with The Shoe Surgeon

Seamlessly blending style with comfort, Lanvin’s collaborative venture with The Shoe Surgeon presents a footwear sensation that pays homage to the spirited fashion of the ’90s.

SINCE its first release, the Lanvin Curb sneaker has garnered lots of attention because of its distinctive shape. The shoe embraces the spirit of the ’90s, elaborately designed to stylize every performance while maintaining comfort. And now, with a dedicated fan base already in place, Lanvin has taken a bold step by collaborating with Los Angeles-based brand The Shoe Surgeon to create a limited-edition piece. The partnership combines The Shoe Surgeon’s Californian aesthetics and Lanvin’s Parisian sophistication. The result is a shoe that pays homage to Lanvin’s couture heritage, featuring colors inspired by the California coastline. However, the true standout feature of the Lanvin x Surgeon collaboration lies in the top sole bearing a signature emblem that defines this remarkable team-up.