Lanvin and Gallery Dept. redefine luxury streetwear through their second collaboration

Marrying colorful street style with Parisian flair, the two labels embrace urban aesthetics and ’90s skate vibe while still preserving luxury and sophistication in the French maison’s DNA.

Back in 2021, French luxury fashion house Lanvin announced a collaboration with streetwear label Gallery Dept. Josué Thomas, the L.A.-based brand’s founder, was given total freedom to experiment on the French maison’s creations. The two creative entities made for quite an unexpectedly unique pair, and the result of their collaboration is a capsule collection that fuses both brands’ aesthetics very well. Colorful yet elegant, the collection is an intersection between unorthodox creativity and luxury heritage.

However, the love story between the two names didn’t stop there. Earlier this year, the duo released their second collection. The unveiling of this second chapter was pretty surprising as Thomas had announced the closing of his brand several months earlier. Looking to highlight the urban style of several pieces in the capsule, Bruno Sialelli was inspired by the skate culture of the ’90s and he knew the collaboration was the way to achieve that vision. Thomas, once again, was given carte blanche to implement his twist on the house’s pieces, which are now infused with the artsy, streetwear aesthetics of Gallery Dept.

A plethora of ready-to-wear items are included in the collection, from T-shirts to hoodies. The capsule also includes a number of accessory pieces as well as several footwear items. Freedom of creativity is vivaciously illustrated through the use of techniques such as paint dripping. Among the highlights in the collection is a pinstripe T-shirt featuring an embroidered “LANVIN” logo and Thomas’ signature patch, further embellished with paint splatters. Similar color splash patterns can also be found on a suit, windbreakers and hoodies featured in the collection.

Already a nod to the skate culture of the ’90s, the emblematic Curb Sneakers now boasts Thomas’ hand-painted personalized creation while preserving the luxurious appeal through an embossed Mother-and-Child logo. Coming in two colorways, black and pink, the sneakers also provide excellent comfort through their construction, padded tongue and rounded shapes. Lanvin’s signature In & Out Tote Bag is clad in colorful screen printing on one side, while the Gallery Dept. logo is printed on both sides.

A selection of headwear, jogger pants and slides also received similar treatment, amped with hand-painted artworks. Another not-to-be-missed highlight in this collection is a leather biker jacket. Crafted using Bos Taurus leather, the creation features quilted details on the upper arms. Studs forming “DEPT” can be found on the rear side, accompanied by colorful decorative “LG” patches, which is the initials of the two brands.