Lacoste Partners With 5 Outerwear Brands for Winter Icons Collection

Lacoste is taking the winter season very seriously! The French clothing company—that has always valued creativity and excellence—did five creative collaborations with iconic global outerwear brands, namely Pyrenex, Gloverall, K-Way®, Alpha Industries, and Tailor Toyo. Tapped for their unique respective characteristics that combine excellence, history, and modernity, the fashion collaborations resulted to five jackets, parkas and smart overcoats infused with a unique craftsmanship.


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The five brands reinvented one of their top-selling products and blended it with Lacoste’s wardrobe and iconic pieces, each featuring a cobranded stripe blending the Lacoste logo with their own. Keeping close to their heritage, and spawned from the very heart of their respective ateliers, each label’s unique touch has instilled genuine expertise into unisex designs, while Lacoste’s DNA brought to the table a retro-classic sportswear aura.


Made-in-France quality

France’s favourite down jacket from PYRENEX, worn short and puffed up to the max, employs a unique blend of feathers and duck down. The family-owned business, established in 1859 in southwestern France, has revamped its major classic player with a sportswear twist. Available in night blue and Bismarck red, it sports a series of contrasting logotype-inscribed stripes that proudly display the union of both brands. Deliberately oversized, its proportions toy with the sense of scale and cradle the body in a comfortable strand of luxury.


Old British classicism

GLOVERALL highlighted its essential peacoat, an original design based on British naval officers’ uniforms, here in its mid-length version. With its monumental collar, its quintessentially Anglo style, and its thick Melton wool, this piece will act as a sheath for a confident allure, somewhere between tailored and casual. Proudly made in the United Kingdom since 1951, Gloverall displays its alliance with Lacoste inside the sleeve where the embroidered crocodile has elected to reside.


Mythically French

K-WAY®’s raincoat, developed in 1965 by Léon-Claude Duhamel, has cosied up to the edge of sportswear, thanks to a design inspired by 1990s oversized hoodies. Zipped up to the chest, vibrant colour blocks will act as Marcel Proust’s proverbial madeleine to various generations of French aesthetes. More technical than ever, its waterproof, breathable material fits all styles and ages, even offering a kids’ version that’s up for all kinds of adventures.

Alpha Industries

Mid-South Military Influences

ALPHA INDUSTRIES gives a nod to its military heritage while implementing couture details in a new-style flight jacket. Offset on the chest, its fastening system is reminiscent of sailors’ pea jackets, eschewing the usual zipper just this once. On a deep blue-black background, an oversized puller uncovers a logo’d ribbon signed by both brands. The cosy, faux fur lined hood feels like a cocoon, establishing this collaboration somewhere between the US Air Force’s technical wizardry and Lacoste’s effortless sophistication.

Tailor Toyo

Japanese Sophistication

TAILOR TOYO rolls out its embroidery skills with a “souvenir jacket” both luxurious and poetic. Inspired since the 1940s by Japanese culture juxtaposed with imported US baseball lore, its blue and cream hues display a crocodile on the front that was reworked using traditional Japanese patterns. On the back, an extensive life scene unfolds a vibrant homage to René Lacoste. A graphical and cheeky reference to the founder’s legendary Crocodile” nickname, the prints entwine floral and dragon patterns, Tailor Toyo’s manufactured trademark.

The goods from these collaborations are exclusively available at Lacoste Pondok Indah Mall 2.