Lacoste Live Embraces Chaos with Micah Lidberg

The latest from the French connection collaboration combines style and whimsy.

After collaborating with the French artist/designer trio known as the Cool Cats, Lacoste Live continues to surprise us, this time by working with American illustrator Micah Lidberg for the label’s latest capsule line.

Lidberg is famous for drawing inspirations from the environment and nature—even the fantastical kind.



Described as having “a lot of chaos and energy,” the collection includes polos and t-shirts with illustrations of dinosaurs, jungles, flying saucers and unicorns, some of Lidberg’s childhood favorites.

The collection is, after all, made for the young at heart. “Being an adult has nothing to do with being older,” says Lidberg. “Old just means you’ve lost your sense of wonder.”