Kyle Gallner of “The Finest Hours” on His Adventure-Filled Career


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Leather jacket by Sandro


DA MAN: Besides a rescue mission on the high seas for the big screen, you also have adventures in the mountains for TV with “Outsiders.” How do you think will audiences react to this show?
Kyle Gallner: I am actually curious to see how audiences will react to the show. I really hope they like it. It is such a cliché to say this show is like nothing you have ever seen—but honestly, it really is. It’s a world that hasn’t really been explored, about a family that has not existed anywhere except on this show. So, we were free to make up our own rules and our own customs and build these characters from the ground up and make it as strange and different as we wanted.

DA MAN: Once again, this seems like the kind of production that involves a lot of physical action. How involved were you with the stunt work for “Outsiders”?
Kyle Gallner: It was a very physical show and a few of us have the bumps and bruises to prove it. I am a guy who likes to do all of my own stunts as long as they will let me. I like running and jumping and climbing and fighting and getting down and dirty, so the stunts on this show were a lot of fun.

DA MAN: From what we’ve learned, your character would be a bit of an outsider himself within the clan that’s central to the series. Would you say that this makes your character more interesting to play?
Kyle Gallner: I think so. You meet Hasil at an interesting time in his life. He is a person who loves to explore and is a seeker of knowledge, and he’s at an age where he is curious about the world. Curious about what’s at the bottom of the mountain. He becomes the bridge between the two worlds.

DA MAN: At first glance, the plot for “Outsiders” looks pretty straightforward: mountain clan vs. outsiders. Can audiences expect more interesting developments as the story progresses?
Kyle Gallner: In its most basic form i guess it is mountain clan vs. outsiders, but you are really riding a fine line there because no one really knows who the outsiders are. We are outsiders to the people in town, and the people in town are outsiders to us. It’s not as black and white as it may seem. We are fighting for our home, and at the same time the people in town are fighting for their wellbeing. There is a big gray area here, and while all of this is going on, there are a lot of other conflicts and issues that will come to light.



“It sounds sort of ridiculous, but acting pretty much found me, and I fell in love with it”



DA MAN: You’ve worked for big-budgeted blockbusters as well as independently produced works. What is the most important distinction between the two?
Kyle Gallner: There are a lot of differences in a lot of different areas. Studio films are usually made for much more money than independent films, and they also have a bigger production window. There are a lot of stories that are made independently that wouldn’t be made at the studio level. There’s such great and high quality material in both avenues and platforms.


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