Kyle Gallner of “The Finest Hours” on His Adventure-Filled Career

ROGUISH RESCUER. He acts; he produces; he inspires. In short, Kyle Gallner has quite a charming story to tell, and has graciously shared it with DA MAN


FEATURE_Kyle Gallner of The Finest Hours and Outsiders WGN in Polo shirt by Kennington
Polo shirt by Kennington


Nowadays, Kyle Gallner, of “Veronica Mars” and “Smallville” fame, looks a bit like Errol Flynn. With his roguish looks and his impressive ’stache, he certainly cuts the figure of a swashbuckling hero from Hollywood’s golden age, which is quite appropriate as Gallner’s first appearance in 2016 will be as a daring rescuer. But, of course, there’s much more to the actor and producer than just his countenance. This is the story of Kyle Gallner, starting from his most recent roles and reaching back to his unexpected jump into the world of showbiz.


DA MAN: Great to have you with us, Kyle. How is 2016 shaping up for you so far?
Kyle Gallner: I have a few projects coming out that I am excited about. I have “The Finest Hours,” which is a Disney Studios film, as well as a TV show called “Outsiders” which will be on WGN. I also have a killer indie film called “Band of Robbers.”

DA MAN: So, let’s talk about “The Finest Hours.” Can you tell us a bit about this title and your role in it?
Kyle Gallner: The movie is a true story about the Pendleton rescue in 1952. The Pendleton was a tanker that broke in half during a huge nor’easter. Four men went out on a boat that was 36 feet long in 60-plus-foot waves to rescue the 33 men stranded on the tanker. Here I play Andrew Fitzgerald, who was one of the four coast guard personnel who went out and tried to rescue the men on the Pendleton.

DA MAN: This looks like quite a physical movie. Did you find shooting particularly challenging?
Kyle Gallner: It was a very physical movie which I loved. There were days where we were running all over that boat, and when we weren’t moving around the boat, we were being rocked up, down and all over the place. We were also being rained on for 12 hours a day, and that rain was very cold. It took us a little while just to get the right clothing down. We started with a heating shirt and a wetsuit under our wardrobe and ended up with drysuits and heating shirts and layers of clothing. It’s definitely hard being in that cold weather for three months, but it’s impossible to complain because you remember the men who lived this and did it all in real life.

DA MAN: For “The Finest Hours,” you’re playing a real-life character. A real-life hero, for that matter. Did you feel any extra pressure to get this role right?
Kyle Gallner: Absolutely. These men are real-life heroes and you are telling their story, a story that should be told and should inspire. You want to do these men justice.

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